Summer Island Maldives


Now, more than ever, humans have a responsibility to live in harmony with nature. Summer Island Maldives continually works to lighten its environmental footprint, in order to protect the Maldives' stunning marine environment. 

Below are some of the efforts we have taken.

The Blue Lagoon and the World’s Largest 3-D printed coral reef

In August 2018, Summer Island Maldives made history by installing the world’s largest 3-D printed coral reef at the Blue Lagoon dive site, just off the main jetty. The 3-D reef is part of an experiment to see whether 3-D printing can be used in larger scale restoration of damaged coral reefs, which are under increasing threat because of the rising sea temperatures caused by climate change. Young corals from the Blue Lagoon coral nursery were transplanted onto the 3-D reef, and are growing to create a unique ecosystem for marine life…  a giant moray eel has already taken up residence at the reef!

Phase-out of single use plastics

Single use plastics pose a particular environmental hazard in the Maldives as they often end up littering the beaches, jungles, and coral reefs. Summer Island was therefore delighted when the Government announced that single use plastics will be banned in the Maldives by 2023. To support this initiative, Summer Island has ceased the use of single use plastic water bottles in all the rooms and restaurants, and has replaced them with reusable glass bottles, filled with drinking water from the island’s Reverse-Osmosis plant. We have also scrapped plastic soft drinks bottles at the bar (Coke, Fanta, tonic water etc.) and replaced them with canned soft drinks that are recyclable. Single use plastic bags have been discontinued in the shop, and replaced with cloth bags. Most recently, we replaced the small single use plastic water bottles used on our boats, replacing them with small reusable glass bottles replete with their very own Summer Island wetsuits to avoid breakages! Summer Island is working with UK-based NGO Common Seas, in order to drive out the remaining single use plastic items in our resort and supply chains.

Solar water heating

All of the water on Summer Island is heated by the sun, with solar water heaters providing round the clock hot water to our guest rooms. This helps to reduce the island’s consumption of diesel power, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.