Immerse in the healing spirit of the sea


08:00 AM TO 08:00 PM

A warm haven, infused by the ocean breeze, and a panorama of the magnificent, endless sea lulling you into its rhythmic spirit. The perfect place to focus on your body mind and soul while being pampered and polished.

Wellness, Balance, Relaxation

The Firuma by Serena Spas

Firuma, the local term for ‘healing touch’ is exactly what is guaranteed from your experience with Serena Spa. With five spacious treatment rooms, including a couple’s massage room, each with its own en-suite; a steam room that makes the most of the view with the sunset for added ambience and a lounge area to relax before and after the treatment.

Our Treatments

The Detox

1hr 20mins

Designed to banish stress and release tension, this is a specialised and rhythmic massage to encourage lymphatic flow

Hot Stone

1hr 45mins

A deeply relaxing treatment. Warm stones are placed on the body to maximise the effects of a therapeutic massage with a focus on the spine.

Release & Relax

2 hours

Using a variety of techniques, this invigorating massage improves blood and lymphatic circulation while also targeting aches and pains.