The Maldives is known as one of the world’s top dive destinations. Whether you are diving for the first time or the hundredth, the perfect dive spot awaits you. And it gets better: some of the country’s best dive spots are just a quick speedboat ride from Summer Island Resort.


Here are our top 5 Summer Island dive spots:


  1. Blue Lagoon - Why not start out your dive journey in Summer Island’s own Blue Lagoon, a sandy part of the lagoon suitable for all levels of divers. Here you will see Summer’s Guinness World Record winning 3D printed coral reef structure, as well as one of the country’s biggest man-made coral gardens.


  1. Turtle Reef - If you have never seen a turtle in the wild before, this is the perfect spot for you. A short trip from Summer Island, this is another spot for all divers and snorkelers. Bring your GoPro as there is a high chance that you will spot one or two turtles feeding in the shallower parts of the reef.


  1. Madigaa - A favorite of local divers, this spot is home to large groupers, frog fish and other marine life. It’s also a good place to see large eagle rays and reef sharks. There are several overhangs to explore where you can find large eels and lobsters.


  1. Woshimas Thila - Now this one is for the experienced divers. The strong currents mean that you have to do a steep, quick descent. At the bottom, you will see Woshimas (dog-tooth tuna), grey sharks, barracudas and schools of grouper. Make sure to bring your dive hook or you will be fighting against the current.


  1. Boduhithi Thila - This site is a very large shallow area between 6 to 20 meters. The dive features a sandy area where you can spot eagle rays gliding through the shallows. Deeper down, there are large grey reef sharks, Napoleon Wrasse and moray eels. Never a boring moment at this spot.