Resort Manager Mari Shareef started planting indigenous Maldivian flowering plants at the side of her room in Summer Island. Since then, she has introduced tropical flowers all around the island, delighting guests and staff with their brilliant colours and sweet aromas. 


“We introduced three native, Maldivian plants on Summer Island,” she says. “These plants were common on every island when we were children, but are found less often now.” 


We have Kaaminee Phool, which is a type of jasmine which gives off a wonderful, sweet smell.

Adding a bit more essence to the tropics, we have Champa Phool, which is a type of Ylang Ylang. After all, nothing evokes the tropical feeling quite like Champa pool.


Besides, Unima is the favorite amongst everyone for its sweet fragrance, which emits as the sun goes down.

"We’ve planted Uni Maa all around the reception area, so it always smells sweet at sunset,” Mari says. 


There are no mechanised vehicles on Summer Island - guest’s luggage and other heavy items are transported by hand cart - and so no motorbikes or cars generating smelly emissions. 


This means that you can smell the flowers and plants as you walk around the island - as if you were wondering around a traditional Maldivian island village.