5 June 2018: On World Environment Day, Summer Island Maldives announces its decision to discontinue the use of plastic drinking straws.

The resort, located in north Male’ atoll, will discontinue the use of single-use, plastic drinking straws with immediate effect. Guests will instead be served drinks without any straws; if they request for a straw, paper straws will be used instead of plastic.

The switch away from plastic straws is Summer Island Maldives' latest initiative to lighten its environmental impact. In 2016, Summer Island Maldives stopped the use of single use plastic bottles, which are often used in drinking water packaging. Guests are now offered bottled water in reusable glass bottles, and the water is produced at the island’s own drinking water facility. Summer Island uses solar power to produce hot water and will continue to use renewable energy for the island.

Commenting on the measure, Summer Island Maldives Resort Manager Mari Shareef said: “The switch away from plastic straws is the latest measure we’ve introduced to help protect the Maldives’ delicate marine ecosystem. It will reduce the amount of waste the resort produces, it’s cost-effective, and it's also something that is popular with our guests. We will keep making changes like this, so that each year our resort gets more and more environmentally friendly."