As we celebrated the festive season and welcomed 2022 on Summer Island, we did so while keeping in mind that the world looks vastly different from what it did two years ago. Covid-19 continues to cause disruptions all over the world. And so we took numerous precautions, remained hopeful and then we celebrated. 

We celebrated the end of a year that tested our resolve, we celebrated the festive season that was stripped from us in 2020, and we celebrated the coming of a year that will hopefully see the pandemic’s end. 

Here is to 2022, beautiful company and good health!

Check out some photos of our celebrations below: 

We kicked off the celebrations on the 21st of December by lighting up the entire island in spectacular Christmas lights.

The center-piece of all of the lights was this beautiful and unique Christmas tree decorated by our staff.

On the 22nd we had a special Christmas BBQ with sizzling options straight off the grill onto the plate.

Our guests watched the Christmas Eve’s sunset with a beautiful Christmas-themed cocktail party on the beach.

The cocktail party was followed by a Christmas Party Dinner at Summer’s Samuga and Hiya restaurants.

And of course we can’t continue this story any further without showing you the talented team behind the celebrations.

Christmas eve celebrations saw a fireworks display from our very own talented crew at Summer Island.

Our guests danced their hearts out on the sandy dance floor to live music from the local house band.

Christmas Day, during brunch, Santa made a surprise appearance with treats for the little ones.

Our guests started getting ready to celebrate New Years’ with a sunset wine and cheese tasting on the beach on the 27th.

New Year’s Eve celebrations kicked off with delicious cocktails.

As the countdown drew closer to midnight, guests danced their hearts away.

Happy New Year to all. May this year be your best yet. We hope to see you at Summer Island again in 2022.